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Moving in Progress

October 13, 2010

I figured I ought to add a quick update explaining why I haven’t posted anything for over a week.  I have been moving apartments in Beijing.  The move was completed yesterday, but unfortunately there’s been a delay in getting the Internet service at our new home up and running.  I’m expecting it will be resolved in a couple days, and I’ll be back online.  Plenty of things going on these days!

In the meantime, here’s an amusing little story I read in today’s China Daily.  Three people in Taiyuan, in northern Shanxi province, were recently sentenced to three years in prison each.  Two of the defendants, a man and his wife, had (intentionally) bought fake currency (presumably at a discount) with a face value of RMB 90,000 from professional counterfeiters, in order to pass on to the public.  Problem is, they were cheated — the banknotes were made with cheap plain paper instead of more authentic stock, and were so easily detectable as fake they were useless.

This couple happened to bump into another man, Xu, who had been cheated by the same suppliers when he purchased RMB 60,000 worth of bills himself.  In a fit of righteous indigation, the three “victims” decided — get this — to call the police for help.  They were arrested (surprise, surprise) on the change of buying counterfeit notes.  Presumably the judge felt sorry for them, because he gave them each a five-year reprieve to their sentence.

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  1. Dagmar Jurick permalink
    October 29, 2010 4:29 pm

    Dear Prof. Chovanec

    This story is hilarious! I had to laugh so loudly at work that my colleagues now think I’m crazy!
    I appreciate your blog very much! It is one of, if not the most interesting blog I know.
    Thank you!

    Dagmar Jurick

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