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Watch the US Election Results in Beijing

November 1, 2010

Will Republicans take the House?  Will Democrats keep the Senate?  Will Tea Party candidates coast to victory, or blunder into defeat?  How did the China issue play in these elections?

If you’re in Beijing, and want to be among the first to find out, Republicans Abroad is hosting an informal get-together this Wednesday morning (November 3th) to watch the real-time results come in for the U.S. midterm elections. 

Despite what you might imagine, this won’t be a particularly hardnosed partisan event, just a chance to get together in front of a big-screen TV.  So it doesn’t matter how you voted, of even if you voted — if you’re just curious to find out what happens, you’re welcome to attend.  (Non-US citizens are welcome, as are members of the Beijing press corps so long as they respect the fact that this gathering is a private chance for people to enjoy themselves and is strictly off the record).

The gathering will take place at the Music Room of the Capital Club, which is located on the 50th Floor of Capital Mansion, No. 6 Xin Yuan Nan Road, in the Chaoyang district of Beijing.  If you need the address in Chinese, you can find it here.  We’ll start at 7:30am and run until 10:00am.  A complete breakfast (eggs, bacon, orange juice, etc.) will be served.  There is a charge of RMB 115 per person, which is solely to cover the cost of the room and the breakfast.

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  1. Jay permalink
    November 2, 2010 10:28 pm

    Now I know why I always have a problem with your views, you are a republican, no wonder!

    I’m not a partisan by any means, but frankly I always have problems with those hypocritical republican politicians, it’s a shame they call themselves conservatives. The economic theory their party is based on is, well, a joke. Whenever there is a problem, their solution? Well, you guessed it, cut tax! What a joke, they on one hand promise to cut tax, on the other hand, actually increase spending, how hypocritical is that? Democrats at least say what they do.

    When it comes to benefit, every republican is a liberal.
    When it comes to tax, every republican is, well, a conservative.
    Republicans are strange creatures, to say the least.

  2. Jay permalink
    November 3, 2010 2:36 am

    You can of course delete my comments, yes. But I’ll give you this, a republican win will mean further disasterous U.S. economy. The economy is in a balance sheet recession (or liquidity trap if you will), the disease is lack of aggregate demand due to extreme level of private debt. If you believe Richard Koo (which I do), the only solution is fiscal stimulus to help private sector deleverage. What are we getting now? Well, FED is printing money to encourage private sector to pile up even more debt! What a joke! Do you think the cause of the disease can be a cure too?
    A republican win is a bless to China, I’ll be happy for that, but I’ll mourn for the American people who have senses.

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