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Data Points and Article Links 6/18/12

June 18, 2012

Here are some of the data points and article links I’ve been tweeting @prchovanec:

  • (18 Jun) Overcapacity: China aluminum supply = 1.6m tons growing at 20%/year, demand = 1.3m tons growing at 4%
  • (18 Jun) FP: Popular novels offer glimpse into “hidden rules” of Chinese politics
  • (18 Jun) RT @chinahearsay Telegraph: ‘Sexy Mandarin’ online language school uses models to help students learn
  • (18 Jun) Inflation: Mercer survey says cost of living in 1st/2nd tier Chinese cities now exceeds US
  • (18 Jun) Zhejiang business owner flees owing RMB 1b debt after losing money on real estate, company goes bust
  • (17 Jun) Interesting NYT profile of Wendi Murdoch
  • (17 Jun) RT @WantChinaTimes Beijing forbids ‘negative’ news ahead of leadership transition
  • (17 Jun) RT @niubi Caixin has long piece on Chengdu & commercial real estate bubble. 30 buildings 200m+ tall under construction.
  • (17 Jun) Do RVs (Winnebago-style recreation vehicles) have a bright future in China? Good luck finding a parking spot
  • (17 Jun) WTO strikes down China tariffs on US-made specialty steel
  • (17 Jun) China Times: China Overseas Land reported sales up 22% in May, actually sold less than half amt claimed
  • (15 Jun) China aircon manuf to build world’s tallest bldg in 9 months … in Changsha. Changsha?
  • (15 Jun) Almost 90% of China shipyards have received no orders this year, 28% have secured none since end of 2009
  • (15 Jun) China Bsn News reports long queues to buy property may be “faked” by developers to gin up sales – any thoughts?
  • (15 Jun) China power consumption in May up 5.2% yoy, vs Apr +3.7% and May 2011 +11.7%
  • (15 Jun) Further info from Reuters on alleged CIA mole in China’s State Security Ministry
  • (14 Jun) New stimulus measure? RT @haohaoreport Guangdong TV Trots Out Girls In Bikinis To Deliver Weather Forecast
  • (14 Jun) Here we go again! China Daily reports CBRC set to relax limits on lending to LGFVs and property
  • (14 Jun) Serious EU-China trade spat over airline CO2 charges: China threatens to seize European planes
  • (14 Jun) Reuters: May surge in China oil imports likely stockpiling to hedge US pressure to stop buying from Iran
  • (14 Jun) RT @JingDaily With E-Commerce Surging In China, Who Needs Brick-And-Mortar?
  • (13 Jun) RT @WSJchina Chinese Banks to See Profit Squeeze assumes profits were real to begin with
  • (13 Jun) Bloomberg: Wenzhou’s financial crisis isn’t over, it’s still going on
  • (13 Jun) Watch what you Tweet: 2 arrested in Wuhan for “spreading rumors” re horrible air pollution
  • (13 Jun) Greentown boss: ignoring govt efforts to curb property market nearly ruined firm
  • (13 Jun) Caixin: May recovery in property sales driven by price discounts, avg price down 12% yoy, set to fall further
  • (13 Jun) Caixin casts doubt on China effort to open banking and infrastructure to private investment
  • (13 Jun) SCMP: More on the crunch faced by China’s strugging car dealers,
  • (13 Jun) Very alarming: China authorities have arrested/harassed researchers into fraud by Chinese companies
  • (13 Jun) WSJ: China is Hollywood’s fastest growing market for films curious how will this affect content?
  • (13 Jun) Caixin: loan demand remains weak despite boost in China’s May lending data
  • (13 Jun) NBS says China home appliance sales flat (+0.5% yoy) in May, compared to +7.7% in April
  • (13 Jun) NDRC reports China’s car dealers are cutting prices due to mounting inventories, despite May rebound in sales
  • (13 Jun) Beijing title transfers >600/day, due to surge in secondary property sales – investors are cashing out, to greater fools??
  • (13 Jun) Chinese media reports Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Nanjing seeing thousands lining up to buy homes – the well of confidence is very deep
  • (13 Jun) New Express (via BoA-ML) reports 30+ people killed in shadow banking dispute in Shandong, ppl borrowing at rates >20%
  • (13 Jun) In Hunan, 26 of 35 power plants shut down, coal inventories at 50 days
  • (13 Jun) Hunan power plant utilization at just 25%, Hubei at 62%, Jiangsu at 65% due to weak demand from steel, nonferrous, and cement prod
  • (13 Jun) WSJ’s Orlik: Is Chinese govt caving to property developers? it’s more about credit access than buying restrictions
  • (13 Jun) RT @AdamMinter air quality emergency in Wuhan. PM 2.5 at 589! Rumors of chlorine gas leak at a steel mill. Birds falling from the sky.
  • (11 Jun) China regulators refusing to help SEC investigate fraud charges against US-listed Chinese companies
  • (11 Jun) Steady stream: head of Yantai Bank + 38 employees taken down for embezzlement
  • (11 Jun) Who’s next? Caixin reports head of China’s Postal Saving Bank under investigation for corruption
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  1. Paul Bowe permalink
    June 20, 2012 2:56 pm

    A small commet on your post,
    ‘(13 Jun) NDRC reports China’s car dealers are cutting prices due to mounting inventories, despite May rebound in sales’.
    I understand that what are reported as sales are in fact deliveries to dealers so there is no conflict in the above report.

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